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I'm Claire Webster. I am a freelance cartoonist & illustrator and I live in Berlin. I get excited about things a lot.
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TV/Film: Sherlock, Doctor Who, XMFC, Avengers, Superwholock, Life On Mars, HIMYM (finale what finale there was no finale), Elementary, House.
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Spring’s here.


a hand-lettering exercise that got really out of hand. oh well i like  my really unnecessarily grandiose welcome signs anyway :p

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Weekend feast!!!!! (at Pignut BBQ)

Good Friday service journal doodle, 18.04.2014.


It is clear that I have no idea what is cool anymore and/or my idea of cool is outdated a bit. 



oh tumblr with your superlock and dr. natural and sherwho xD


oh boy



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You will like my sense of humor
You will be addicted to my smile
Laughing all the while
And I will end each conversation
I will leave the room with upper hand
And you will understand

You will find my scent attractive
You will like my real, engaging eyes
And playful, childlike smile
You will find my style appealing
I will overpower you with wit
And I will be a hit

If only you’d run to me
If only you’d come to me
If only you’d relax upon your rules
And dare to be love’s fool