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Saturday morning Emy spam? Lol… why not. At the shoot, I asked her about the meaning of the colors of our outfits and all, and she was like, talking about how all of us had started out wearing white, and it’s like the beginning of a relationship when everything is good, but then gray and black were added to the picture more and more, and how it was symbolizing negativity creeping into a relationship (“like the things that just get under your skin and spread…”) which is what the song was about, and about how at the end it’s just all black, darkness. At the time, I was like, ohh, wow, okay… but I didn’t even think that it was about her and Sara. And then several months later, when I’d heard they’d broken up, I was just like, oh my god, I can’t believe I asked her that question. I felt so terrible. Can you imagine watching your girlfriend make a video to a song about the disintegration of your relationship? Jesus.

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    I’d still date her tho tbh
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    no it’s okay Jamie i didn’t need those tears anyway
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