I think what you do is amazing.

I'm Claire Webster. I am a freelance cartoonist & illustrator and I live in Berlin. I get excited about things a lot.
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TV/Film: Sherlock, Doctor Who, XMFC, Avengers, Superwholock, Life On Mars, HIMYM (finale what finale there was no finale), Elementary, House.
Music: Tegan and Sara, Amanda Palmer, Arctic Monkeys.
Podcasts: Welcome to Night Vale.
Comics, Christianity, GLBTQ, growing up in the 90s
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  • me: holy crap the new Muse is AMAZING
  • me: HOW do they do it
  • to-silverglass: YAY i saw that it had come out
  • me: yep yep
  • me: it was playing in the store where i bought The xx :D
  • to-silverglass: I'm still high on mumford's tho
  • to-silverglass: Yay
  • me: it is a smattering of brilliant albums
  • me: glory be
  • to-silverglass: God be praised